Target Market Differentiation

How have dogs avoided extinction? Those sneaky Canine Marketers.


Nespresso Commercial with George Clooney and John Malkovich

Nespresso Commercial with George Clooney and John Malkovich. These commercials make me laugh but now that I think about it they seem a bit slow, but maybe that is the goal. Since Nespresso is “smooth”… Another question why English? I only saw it in France so I wonder if it has been aired in the UK or other english speaking countries.

To see all the spots go to  New Nespresso Commercial with George Clooney and John Malkovich: Cab Driver.

Definition of Wise = Seth Godin

This guy is so cool.  :D.

Make Friends with IT guys ;)

SEO Where to start?

SEO, SEO! Sounds Daunting, doesn’t it?


Image From Innovative Marketer's Blog. Get More SEO

Don’t be afraid of SEO, but be aware that it is crucial for a Website.

In today’s world a website is the essence and being of your company, product or brand.

First step is to be sure that your sites is aligned with SEO “stuff.”

I won’t even go on about what SEO is and how it works now, I have a sideshow for that!

See how your site is ranking on:  – I like this one because it says “Woo”

Some are more technical (by technical I mean marketing can’t figure it out) than others, but if you don’t understand get an IT guy to help you out. Marketing vs IT is a completely different topic coming soon to an Internet Marketing Blog near you. They give you a good idea of where you stand when it comes to SEO.



Getting it Right. A look at the Homepage

Here you go how to create an awesome web page! Thanks to SocialMouths for posting!

Marketing Making Spinning Class Amusing

This company is selling pretty pink bottled water! Something tells me they did their marketing homework.

Ashton Kutcher a Sexy Cable Guy in Mexico

I have always had a good laugh when I see a MEGA star in a silly foreign commercial.  I saw a commercial starring the one and only Ashton Kutcher! I was browsing the television channels while in Mexico this weekend and I came upon Ashton as a cable guy! I had been searching for the video so I could post it on this internet marketing blog and give a glimpse. I found it!  T. This reminds me of my stay in France where I saw George Cloney in Nespresso Commercial. I am sure there are more celebrities promoting in foreign languages! I will track them down and post them for your enjoyment.

Outdoor Markeing ads

People are so clever! 😀 Outdoor ads that don’t go unnoticed.

Check out more Outdoor ads.


Viral Video! Adele Cover by Vasquez Sounds

Love it!

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