My 5 Valentine’s Day Observations

Ahh and the day arrives its Valentine’s day!

No matter what you think of this day it cannot go unnoticed.

I have compiled my ideas of valentine’s day into 5 random comments. Enjoy.


They desire to succumb to the whole love fiasco. (self-pity party) They will be looking forward to the discounted chocolates and flowers tomorrow.


Thank the lords that this year they are safe of a significant other’s expectations. (Single and loving it)


Women say they aren’t celebrating the holiday, but deep down if they don’t recieve at least one rose trouble will ensue.

Men must meet expectations to receive love, affection, and everything else this Teleflora commercial implies.


Red, Pink, hearts, Roses, and eharmony.  5 word summary of today’s broadcast.


Love songs…nothing changes from every other day.

Being in love, Falling out of love, searching for love.

Outside US:

“It’s just an American holiday.”

-Thats Right. it is!  Marketing holiday to the last drop. Be proud American Marketers.

No matter what your mood or situation is today celebrate, indulge, and fall in to the “commercial” holiday because hugs are amazing.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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